How to Identify DST Properties in 1031 Exchanges

As the US investor population ages we’ve seen an upward trend with investment funds being shifted into real estate holdings that are passively held. One such method is through a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST).  For more DST information please click here. A DST is an...

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FIRPTA in 1031 Exchanges: An Ongoing Issue Made Simple

It’s no secret. There is and will continue to be a vast amount of foreign owned real property in the United States. And because of this, many investors involved in 1031 Exchanges have or will run across Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA) issues. In a...

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Are Cybercriminals Targeting Your 1031 Funds?

Fraud and cybercrime, particularly involving bank wire transfers for real estate transactions, continue to increase at an alarming rate. The Tax Code requires that a Qualified Intermediary (QI) hold your funds during the 1031 Exchange. Surprisingly, there are no...

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Happy 10-31 Day!

10-31 Day haunts. Is your 1031 Exchange in safe hands? Watch if you dare. No tricks here. Cybercriminals are attacking 1031. Click to see what you can do to keep your 1031 funds...

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A Treat for End of Year 1031 Exchangers?

With its share of tricks and treats, we’re not sure which is more daunting – the Internal Revenue Code or Halloween? During this time of year, a treat worth mentioning is that the Tax Code has provided taxpayers who are attempting a fourth quarter 1031 Exchange with a...

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Opportunity Zones – A Good Investment?

The Opportunity Zones that were created by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act have generated a fair amount of buzz in the legal, accounting and real estate communities and have raised questions on application to 1031. An Opportunity Zone (OZ) is an economically distressed...

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In 2018 Are Your 1031 Exchange Funds at Risk?

1031 Due Diligence - Questions to ask a QI Section 1031 of the Tax Code requires that a 1031 Exchange intermediary hold the net sale proceeds from your sale until you purchase your new property. What you might not know is that during the last recession, real estate...

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