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Best Cities for Hybrid Workers Ranking 2023 + Map

America’s Best Cities For Hybrid Workers


In today’s world, work flexibility is in high demand, and finding the perfect city that caters to the needs of hybrid work professionals has become essential. Whether you prefer a balanced schedule between the office and working from home, or you thrive in shared coworking spaces, we wanted to find the best U.S. cities for hybrid workers in 2023. To determine our ranking, we analyzed several factors including access to libraries, internet, and commute times. We also conducted a survey among hybrid workers to learn more about their work preferences.

Best Cities for Hybrid Workers Ranking 2023 + Map


Top 10 Best Cities for Hybrid Workers   

Top 10 Best U.S. Cities for Hybrid Workers Infographic from ipx1031.com

In our analysis of the best cities for hybrid workers, several places stood out as ideal destinations.

#1 Miami
Coming in at #1 for the best city for hybrid workers is Miami. The city earned a top score in two categories. It has 11 libraries per 100,000 people, the highest of all ranked cities, and has the most Google searches for coworking spaces. Miami also boasts a shorter commute time of 26.4 minutes which helped land it in the top spot.

#2 Atlanta
Atlanta earned a spot at #2 for its high scores in households with internet services and Google searches about coworking spaces. In A-Town, 42,583 households report having internet service per 100,000.

#3 Cleveland
Cleveland rounds out the top 3 best cities for hybrid workers in the U.S. The Midwestern city earned the top spot for its high scores across all four categories. With an average commute time of 22.8 minutes and 8 libraries per 100,000 people, this city proves to be a great place for workers with flexibility.

Denver and Tampa earned the #4 and #5 spots. The Mile High City earned top scores for internet availability and Google searches on coworking. Meanwhile, Tampa placed 5th for its 23.8 minute commute time and 7 libraries per 100,000.


Best Hybrid Working Cities Ranked 

Best U.S. Cities for Hybrid Workers in 2023 Ranked Infographic from ipx1031.com

Aside from the top 5 best cities for hybrid workers, other places earning high scores include Seattle, Minneapolis, Raleigh, Tulsa, Washington D.C., Austin, and New Orleans.

When it comes to the worst cities for hybrid workers, some of the most populous places earned that title. New York City ranked the lowest among all cities analyzed. The Big Apple’s 41.4 minute commute and 1 library per 100,000 people contributed to its low score. Similarly, Los Angeles’ low number of libraries contributed to its place among the worst cities for hybrid workers. Other cities toward the bottom of the list include Phoenix, San Jose, Philadelphia, and Fort Worth.


Working Preferences Among Hybrid Employees 

Work Preferences Among Hybrid Employees Infographic from ipx1031.com

In our survey of hybrid workers, people report being the most productive at home, followed by the office, and then coworking spaces or coffee shops. For those who favor working outside of the office or hybrid remote jobs, they cite distractions from coworkers as the top challenge in the workplace. This is followed by a lack of privacy and noise levels in the office.

Nearly 2 in 5 (38%) hybrid workers have used a coworking space and 1 in 5 report using them multiple times a month. The popularity of coworking spaces seems to be growing among workers as 70% believe coworking spaces will become more popular in the future and 43% believe the area where they live doesn’t have enough spaces. In fact, 1 in 5 say they would pay to rent out a space for a day.

On average, Americans are willing to pay $100 to rent a coworking space for a day. In terms of corporate support, 56% believe companies should provide a stipend for employees to rent coworking spaces.

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In June 2023, we conducted a survey of 903 people from around the U.S. Among respondents, 48% identified as male and 49% as female with an average age of 40.

In order to be included in the analysis, cities needed to have a population of more than 300,000. To determine our ranking, we compared the cities across four key metrics: commute time in minutes, libraries per 100,000 people, households with internet service per 100,000, and Google searches on coworking spaces per 100,000. We graded each metric on a 100-point scale. To determine an overall score, each city’s weighted average was calculated across all metrics.

Sources: U.S. Census Bureau, Institute of Museum and Library Services, and Google Analytics

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