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Americans’ Vacation Rental Property Preferences Data Study 2023

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What Guests Expect – No Hidden Cameras

Report: 1 in 4 Have Found a Camera at a Vacation Rental 

Going on vacation is something everyone looks forward to, and for many, staying in a rental property offers more freedom, flexibility, and privacy than traditional hotels or resorts. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or an extended stay, renting a vacation property has become the go-to for many Americans.


To gain insight into the preferences and experiences of vacation property renters, we recently conducted a survey of 1,000 Americans, which revealed that renters are not only looking for a beautiful property, but also a host with fair policies. On top of that, many hoping for a private stay have found their host is keeping an eye on them… through cameras.


Vacation Rental Habits Among Americans

Americans’ Vacation Rental Habits 2023 Infographic

Our survey found 64% of Americans plan on renting vacation properties in 2023. As for how travelers are booking stays, the majority (85%) prefer Airbnb, followed by VRBO (32%), Booking.com (22%), TripAdvisor (18%), and Expedia (16%). 

From mountain homes to treehouses, mansions, and boats… the types of vacation properties you can rent are endless. While the majority of people (60%) prefer private homes, other top accommodations include apartments (31%), cabins (31%), condos (27%), and townhomes (15%).

The top reasons for renting a vacation property in 2023 include vacationing with significant others or family, traveling with friends, visiting a new place, a staycation, or taking a solo vacation.

While rental homes and hotels offer different experiences, 41% of Americans say they prefer staying in rental properties over hotels or resorts.


Vacation Renter Experiences and Security Concerns

Vacation Renter Experiences and Security Concerns Infographic

Of the 3 in 4 Americans who have rented a vacation property in the last 5 years, 22% had a bad rental experience. In fact, 25% have walked into a vacation rental that wasn’t clean. Among those who walked into a dirty accommodation, 73% contacted the host, and 3 in 4 hosts made it right.

Interestingly, 28% believe it is important to meet their host in person and in general, 1 in 10 don’t trust vacation rental hosts. More than 1 in 3 (36%) guests even admitted to snooping around their rental property!


Hidden Cameras in Vacation Rental Properties

While rental properties offer many benefits, privacy and security remain hot topics, especially when it comes to cameras. In fact, 58% of Americans are worried about hidden cameras in vacation rental properties. More than 1 in 3 (34%) search a vacation property looking for cameras and 1 in 4 have found one! Among those who found a camera, 20% found it outside and 5% found it inside the property. After finding the camera, 1 in 10 respondents covered or unplugged it for the remainder of their stay.


Top 5 Cleaning Chores Renters Don’t Want to Do

Vacation Rentals Cleaning Fees and Policies Infographic

The no-strings-attached days of vacation rentals seem to be over: cleaning fees and property policies are an ongoing discussion among many who rent. In fact, 1 in 3 believe it is unfair for hosts to ask guests to clean before leaving. In terms of cleaning requirements, guests don’t approve of hosts who ask them to do tasks such as vacuuming/mopping, starting laundry, stripping beds, cleaning countertops, and running the dishwasher. Despite this, 93% of respondents still tidy a home before leaving.

For some, the requirements are too much as 1 in 4 have decided to not rent a property due to cleaning policies. Additionally, 2 in 3 are noticing increasing cleaning fees, with 74% believing it is unfair for hosts to ask guests to clean while also charging a cleaning fee. Nearly half (46%) have decided not to rent a property due to the cleaning fees. So, what are people willing to pay? More than half (55%) of Americans would pay a cleaning fee of $29 or less. 

As for general property policies, 70% are less likely to rent if a host has a strict cancellation policy and 69% of respondents are less likely to rent a property if a host has strict rules.

Despite the popularity of vacation rentals, it’s no surprise concerns around cleaning requirements, hidden cameras, and property policies remain prevalent among renters. Hosts can take it as a sign that guests want transparency and communication to provide a positive rental experience for everyone involved.

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In March 2023, we conducted a survey of 1,000 people from around the U.S. Among respondents, 49% identified as male and 49% as female, with an average age of 40.

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