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The Most Desired Airbnb Destination in Every State

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Most desired Airbnb destinations

We found the most disproportionately popular search terms relating to Airbnb rentals across the U.S. We also found the most desired Airbnb amenities in every state.

Summer is here and that means Americans are ready to vacation. Demand for travel is once again on the rise following two years of pandemic staycations and road trips. Many Americans are flying domestically and are planning their upcoming summer travel.

We wanted to know what the most desired destinations are across the U.S. to anticipate where Americans may be headed for travel this year.

Whether you already own a second home or are looking to purchase one, an Airbnb home can be a great investment property. If you’re wondering where the best place to buy an investment property is, we’ve found the most popular destinations in each state, and which amenities you should be offering your guests.

Desired Destinations Across the U.S.

When it comes to Airbnb, it seems a lot of Americans are mostly interested in going to their state’s major city. Whether it’s for a weekend trip, a concert, or maybe to just enjoy the nightlife, many states’ top-googled destinations are the capital city of their state.

This goes for those in Alaska, who mostly want to find an Airbnb in Anchorage. Those in Arizona are looking for Airbnbs in Phoenix. People in Colorado want to head to Denver. Those in Washington are looking for Airbnbs in Seattle, and New Yorkers are looking to stay in the Big Apple, just to name a few.

Others are searching for destinations outside the major metros, including those in Utah who are searching for Airbnbs in St. George. Those in Arkansas just want to go anywhere there are hot springs. Virginians want to go to Virginia Beach.

Those in West Virginia are eager to get out of their state and go to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Similarly, Kentuckians are mostly wanting to leave the Bluegrass state and visit Gatlinburg in Tennessee.

Many Americans are looking to head to a beach house this summer. Those in Alabama, Hawaii, California, Georgia, Delaware, Mississippi, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia are looking for Airbnbs on the beach. That’s almost one quarter of all states in the U.S.!

Most Desired Airbnb Amenities in the U.S. 

Sometimes it’s not all about location, location, location. The amenities where you’re staying can make or break your trip, and sometimes the best part of a vacation is hanging out at home and relaxing by the pool, or with your pets, or even in a sauna.


The most searched amenity is a luxury bathroom, which was the #1 search in Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Vermont.

The next most popular search was for an Airbnb with an indoor pool. This was the top search in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Others would prefer easy access to a beach, which was the top search in West Virginia and Wisconsin. Those in Rhode Island mostly want river access from their Airbnb.

Those in Colorado, Florida, and North Carolina want to travel with their pets, since they’re mostly searching for Aibnbs that are pet friendly. People in Arkansas, Kentucky, and South Dakota want Airbnbs with in-home theaters. New Yorkers and those in Washington mostly want a sauna in their vacation rental.

Some other unique searches that are popular include bowling alleys (South Dakota). That’s the beauty of vacation rentals – you can be as picky as you want.

Whether you’re planning an upcoming trip or wanting to invest in your own vacation rental, it helps to know where and what is in-demand for a vacation home rental. So whatever kind of vacation you’re hoping for – there’s an option out there for you and your travel party.

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For this report, we analyzed the most disproportionately popular Google search terms related to Airbnb rentals in more than 2,000 cities, towns and locations across the country from May 2021 to May 2022.

We compared each state’s search results to the national average in order to determine which search term has a higher search volume when compared to the national average. This method of analysis allows us to even the playing field between smaller states with lower populations or a lower search volume (such as Wyoming, Vermont, Alaska, etc.) and states with a large population with higher search volume (California, Texas, Florida, etc.). Our analysis also reveals the most disproportionately popular search terms related to Airbnb amenities in all 50 states.

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