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QI Importance to 1031 Exchange Success

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IPX1031 is a full service Qualified Intermediary with highly specialized exchange divisions to handle any type of exchange transaction nationwide.

The demand for tax deferred 1031 Exchanges continues its record pace. If you are planning to sell your investment property with the goal of maximum 1031 tax deferral, the most important party to be concerned about is your Qualified Intermediary (QI).

Why?  Your QI is critically essential to your 1031’s success.

The Tax Code requires that taxpayers utilize a QI when a transaction is structured as a delayed tax deferred 1031 Exchange. A QI does not replace your attorney or tax advisor. A QI prepares the necessary documentation, ensures all tax code and regulations are followed, and most importantly securely holds and disburses your exchange funds.

With the 1031 industry being largely unregulated, and with cyber fraud, theft, and crime continually on the rise, it’s imperative that your funds are protected. Your QI choice should not be taken lightly with so much at stake.

IPX1031. A QI like no other.

IPX1031 is the nation’s trusted leader for Qualified Intermediary exchange services, having completed hundreds of thousands of exchanges. Expertise. Security, Strength. We’re here for you and the success of your 1031 Exchange.


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