Impact of the Tax Cut and Jobs Act on Sec. 1031

The Tax Cut and Jobs Act was signed into law on December 22, 2017, and took effect on January 1, 2018.  It is a complex modification to the Internal Revenue Code that will take some time to fully understand, notwithstanding that it became effective just nine days...

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The Effect of the New Tax Reform Bill on Real Estate

It appears that House and Senate have reconciled the differences between their respective tax bills and a vote on the final bill may occur by the end of this week.  According to the Washington based non-profit public policy organization, The Real Estate Roundtable,...

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Where is Sec 1031 in the Tax Reform Bills?

Both the House and Senate versions of the proposed “Tax Cut and Jobs Act” would retain Section 1031 Like-Kind exchanges in present form, but only for real estate assets. Both would repeal Section 1031 for tangible and intangible personal property, art and...

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Senate Tax Reform Bill Draft Released

The Senate released a “conceptual” draft of its Tax Reform bill last evening.  Like the House bill, the Senate proposal retains Section 1031 Like-Kind exchanges, in present form, for real estate assets only.  It repeals Section 1031 for tangible and intangible...

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Proposed Like-Kind Exchange Limitation Raises Mismatch Concerns

By Nathan J. Richman,  Nov. 7, 2017 “The limitation on like-kind exchanges proposed in the House Republicans' tax reform bill raises several mismatch questions when compared to the temporary expensing provision regarding timing and property classification, potentially...

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Tax Reform Bill Draft Released Today

Today (November 2, 2017), Congress released the draft tax reform bill. The “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” preserves a crucial benefit for real-estate investors – the ability to make tax deferred like-kind exchanges for real estate under IRC Section 1031.   The bill would...

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Happy 10-31?

Is 10-31’s Grim Reaper here on our most sacred day? The House’s new tax reform bill will be released November 1st and the Senate’s shortly thereafter. Tell Congress to NOT let 1031 Rest in Peace. Celebrate 10-31 Day by sending or re-sending letters. Take 60 seconds to...

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NO TRICK: A Treat for Unsuccessful 1031 Exchanges!

Tax Straddling A treat from the IRS? Taxpayers should not be spooked if they are unable to complete their 1031 Exchanges. A treat may exist for a calendar-year taxpayer who initiates a 1031 tax-deferred exchange during the last few months of this year only to find that...

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