1031 Exchange CE Classes in Oregon

Thursday, April 4th / 12:00PM  ZOOM
1031 Exchange Basics
Course #1157  /  1 Oregon CE Credit  /  Real Estate Taxation

Wednesday, May 1st / 9:30AM  ZOOM
1031 Exchange Advance Topics
Course #1158  /  2 Oregon CE Credits  /  Real Estate Taxation

Thursday, June 6th / 9:30AM  ZOOM
How to Farm for Investor Listings Using 1031 Exchanges
Course #1159  /  2 Oregon CE Credits  /  Real Estate Taxation

Milissa Ormiston-Hall

Vice President, Oregon / SW Washington

1455 SW Broadway Ste. 1400
Portland OR, 97201

IPX1031 Northwest Regional Office

11900 NE 1st St., Suite 110
Bellevue, WA 98005

Phone: (503) 223-3911
Toll-Free: (888) 310-1031

Milissa Ormiston-Hall brings a very extensive and diverse background in 1031 Exchange, industrial corporate sales as well as real estate to Investment Property Exchange Services, Inc. (IPX1031). She has been in sales for over twenty-six years with twelve years in corporate, business to business sales, primarily as a regional sales manager for Fortune 500 companies as well as was a realtor for fourteen years in both Oregon and Washington. Prior to joining Investment Property Exchange Services, Inc (IPX1031) she worked for another national qualified intermediary for five years covering both Washington and Oregon. Milissa credits her years as a realtor in developing her strong negotiation skills, strengthening her relationship abilities, along with her critical thinking processes. Her goal is to be the first resource regarding the tax code, specifically about 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges.

IPX1031 Exchange Seminars
IPX1031 provides seminars for continuing education credits as well as custom and personalized seminars on tax deferred exchange topics for attorneys, CPAs, advisors, brokers, REALTORS®, agents, escrow, investors and taxpayers. To find out about a seminar nearest you, or to schedule a seminar for your office, please contact me.

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Is a 1031 Exchange the right choice for you?

The suitability of a 1031 Exchange varies based on individual circumstance and future investment plans. If reinvestment in real estate is intended, it is important to consider the potential tax liability, which can be substantial depending on the amount of gain and presences of state, county and city taxes in both the state of residency and location of the property being sold. This is particularly relevant in certain areas of Oregon.

What do I need to know about Oregon's 1031 Exchange rules and regulations?

Oregon has a clawback provision, meaning the deferred taxes will become payable to the state when the Replacement Property is sold and no further exchange is performed. For non-residents of Oregon,  a withholding will be collected at the time of sale unless a 1031 Exchange is conducted. In such cases, completion of form Oregon form OR-18-WC will be required.

What are the advantages of doing a 1031 Exchange?

Participating in a 1031 Exchange offers several tax benefits, including the deferral of federal taxes on the capital gain and taxes on the gain due to prior depreciation deductions. The state of Oregon also allows deferral of state taxes. In addition, if you purchase a more expensive Replacement Property, you will benefit from a “new depreciation schedule” on the portion of the purchase price that exceeds the basis of the Relinquished Property.

How long does it take to complete a 1031 Exchange?

You have a very short window of time to complete your exchange. Everything is from the point of when you close on the sale of your Relinquished Property. You have 45 days from the point of closing to either close on or identify what it is you are going to purchase as your Replacement Property and the exchange must be completed within 180 days, including the 45 day identification period. People tend to gloss over how important day 45 is. When you identify on day 45 is it important to realize that you can only acquire one or all of the properties you identify on day 45 to complete your exchange. You are limited to one of three rules to identify what it is you intend to purchase for your exchange.

Can I improve property I already own using 1031 Exchange funds?

No. It is crucial to remember that a 1031 Exchange requires both the sale of a Relinquished Property and the purchase of a Replacement Property. In the case of an Improvement Exchange the exchange, the purchase of real estate and subsequent improvements must be included to as part of the value of the Replacement Property at the conclusion of the exchange. For more information, be sure to check out Improvement Exchanges

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