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The differentiators between Qualified Intermediaries for 1031 Exchanges can be significant. Here’s why IPX1031 is the best choice for your like kind exchange.

Every potential exchanger contemplating a 1031 Exchange needs to make a decision about what firm they will select to assist them as their facilitator for Qualified Intermediary.

And while there are a handful of capable facilitators available from coast to coast the differentiators between intermediaries can be significant.

So, what are the differentiators which set apart IPX.

First, experience investment property exchange services have been accommodating exchanges since 1988 and to date has completed an excess of 400,000 1031 transactions
with the largest facilitator in the country and the subsidiary of Fortune 300 Fidelity National Financial.

Secondly, is technical expertise being an industry leader for so long has afforded us the ability to experience virtually every exchanging scenario
and therefore prepared us to handle any exchange from the most basic to the most complex or sophisticated.

And lastly, is fund security the 1031 Exchange industry is largely unregulated,
and many exchangers don’t realize that when their exchange funds are on deposit with their facilitator typically those funds belong to the facilitator.

That is why it is significant that IPX is unique in its posting of 100 million dollars in Fidelity bonding and an additional 30 million dollars in performance assurances for our exchangers.
We provide that type of fund security simply because we believe there is no reason for any exchanger to have their exchange proceeds at risk.

So those are the differentiators that we feel set us apart from our competitors if you have any questions, we’d be pleased to discuss them with you.

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