Wyoming 1031 Exchange – What Are the Requirements for a 1031 Exchange in WY?

Hello. I’m Danita Vigil. And I’m Tracy Wilson. And we’re with IPX1031 Exchange Services.

One of the territories that we cover is the state of Wyoming. And I’m wondering, Tracy, if you can speak to our referral sources and clients, what is unique regarding exchanges in the state of Wyoming?

Well, happily, the state of Wyoming, either selling property or buying property there as a part of a 1031 one exchange is a very straightforward, easy process. There’s nothing different about doing a 1031 exchange in Wyoming as compared to, say, the state of California that has eventually a clawback provision. Nothing like that for the state of Wyoming. The only thing to perhaps keep in mind is that there is no state income tax. So when you sell an investment piece of real estate, you’re gonna be deferring just the federal capital gains. There’s no state, gain to be deferred.

Great. Thank you so much. We appreciate your referrals. We hope you have a great year from IPX1031 Exchange Services.

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