Nebraska 1031 Exchange – What Are the Requirements for a 1031 Exchange in NE?

Hello. This is TC Fair with IPX1031.

Today, we’re here to talk about how to get the full benefit of a section ten thirty one tax deferred exchange within the state of Nebraska.

Now the good news is Nebraska doesn’t have any specific rules or regulations limiting the benefits of a ten thirty one exchange. In fact, section 1031 is part of our federal tax code. So the same rules apply in Nebraska as they would anywhere in the nation.

So you could sell investment property in Nebraska and actually purchase replacement property anywhere in the country.

Now to get the full benefit of the tax deferral, the two main things that we wanna make sure that are happening are one, that we’re purchasing replacement property that’s equal or greater in value than what we’re selling based off of the contract sales price, and two, that we’re reinvesting all of those proceeds from the sale towards the purchase first.

In fact, if you are selling any investment real estate within Nebraska or have any questions regarding a section 1031 tax deferred exchange, feel free to reach out. I’m more than happy to assist. In fact, it’s actually my goal to be your 1031 resource. Thanks.

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