Indiana 1031 Exchange – What Are the Requirements for a 1031 Exchange in IN?

Hi. Anna Barsky here with IPX1031.

Today, we’re gonna talk about selling investment real estate in Indiana and using a 1031 tax deferred exchange. The great news about Indiana is there are no specific 1031 state laws.

It’s a federal tax savings. So you could sell property in Indiana and buy property anywhere in the US to complete the ten thirty one exchange. A couple things to remember. One, you have to buy a property of equal or greater value, which is essentially the contract sales price.

And two, you have to use all of the proceeds from the sale towards the purchase. Both rules have to be followed in order to get the full benefit of the ten thirty one exchange. If you need assistance when selling Indiana real estate and participating in the ten thirty one exchange, please give me a call.

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