News Recent 1031 Updates

Recent 1031 Updates


Like-Kind Exchanges are a Model for All Capital Gains by Americans for Tax Reform 6/21/16 Click here to read

Letter on 1031 LKE Agricultural Benefits Sent to House Ways & Means Committee 6/1/16 Click here to read Interviews Joe Cosenza on 1031 Repeal Issue by 5/31/16 Click here to watch video Click here to read

1031 Coalition Letter to Senate Finance: “Strong Economic Rationale” for Preserving Section 1031 5/10/16 Click here to read

Federation of Exchange Accommodators Announces Revised Study Shows Repealing Like-Kind Exchange Rules Would Hurt U.S. Economy More Than Previously Estimated  by Federation of Exchange Accommodators 3/9/16 Click here to read

Eating The Seed Corn: Congress Proposes Repealing Section 1031 Under 1031 Benefit All Parties, Including The IRS by Joseph Darby, Banker & Tradesman 11/22/15 Click here to read

CRE Industry to Congress: You Can Take Back 1031 Exchanges When You Pry Them from Our Cold, Dead Hands Tax Bills By Democrats Sanders, Kaptur Would Limit ‘Like Kind’ Exchanges to Raise Revenue For Pension Protection Fund by Randyl Drummer, CoStar News 7/15/15 Click here to read

NAR® Like-Kind Exchanges: Real Estate Market Perspectives 2015 National Association of Realtors® Survey Results 7/9/15 Click here to read Results

Ling-Petrova’s The Economic Impact of Repealing or Limiting Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges in Real Estate Ling & Petrova’s Section 1031 Microeconomic Study by Professor David C. Ling, University of Florida, and Professor Milena Petrova, Syracuse University, sponsored by The Real Estate Like-Kind Exchange Coalition 7/9/15 Click here to read Study

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How Like-Kind Exchanges Make The IRS Rich 5/18/15

When Businesses Prosper, So Does the US Government

Banker and Tradesman by Joseph B. Darby III

Summarizing his argument from an ABA Tax Section “Lincoln-Douglas Debate,” Jay Darby writes that like-kind exchanges encourage smart reinvestment in assets, increase tax revenues, and are good for all U.S. taxpayers. He writes that Section 1031 like-kind exchanges are particularly good for the IRS as they spur economic growth and encourage owners to upgrade assets, generating greater tax income from greater tax basis.

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Agricultural Letter Sent to the Senate Finance Committee Working Groups 4/15/15

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NAIOP Letter Sent to the Senate Finance Committee 4/10/15

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Multi-Association Letter Sent to the Chairs and Ranking Members of the Senate Finance Committee and House Ways & Means Committee 3/25/15

A letter to leaders of the House Ways and Means Committee, the Senate Finance Committee, and to members of the Senate Finance Business Income Tax Working Group was sent on Friday, March 13, 2015. The letter strongly urges legislators to retain Section 1031 in its current form. The letter points out the importance of like-kind exchanges to American businesses, to the U.S. economy and to job creation. Several strong reasons for the law’s 100-year existence in the code are given. The authors conclude by stating that the effects of a limitation or repeal of Section 1031 would likely not be offset by a lower corporate tax rate. Thirty-six organizations, including the Federation of Exchange Accommodators, signed the letter. Click here to read

Study Finds Repealing Like-Kind Exchange Rules Would Hurt U.S. Small Businesses 3/17/15The Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchange Coalition

The Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchange Coalition released an economic impact study today which concludes that repealing the like-kind exchange rules would slow economic growth, reduce GDP and hurt many U.S. small businesses. Click here to read


Study Finds Repealing Like-Kind Exchange Rules Would Hurt U.S. Small Businesses and Reduce GDP 3/17/15FEA

The Federation of Exchange Accommodators (“FEA”) announced that the Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchange Coalition (“Coalition”), of which it is a member, released a study, “Economic Impact of Repealing Like-Kind Exchange Rules,” which concludes that repealing the I.R.C. Section 1031 like-kind exchange rules would slow economic growth, reduce GDP and hurt many U.S. small businesses. Click here to read


E&Y’s Economic Impact of Repealing Like-Kind Exchange RulesErnst & Young prepared on behalf of the Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchange Coalition 3/17/15 Click here to read


Land Investment Expo – January 2015 3/5/15

Hear what Donald Trump and FEA representative Dave Brown have to say about the impact on landowners of a potential repeal of §1031.


FEA Government Affairs Committee Member Dave Brown explained the impact on agricultural land owners of a potential tax reform repeal of IRC §1031 like-kind exchanges at the Land Investment Expo in Des Moines, Iowa in late January 2015. Celebrity speaker, Donald Trump, echoed Dave’s concerns in his comments about potential repeal of §1031.

1031 Tax Reform – February Update – Suzanne Baker, EVP/General Counsel, IPX1031® 2/27/15

Why pro growth tax reform must preserve like-kind exchanges 2/24/15The Hill, David L. Goodwin

With our economic recovery finally accelerating, pro-growth tax reform offers the potential to further prime the U.S. job creation machine. But not all reform proposals effectively safeguard key incentives that fuel domestic investment, new hiring and the enrichment of individual communities. One of the most notable provisions at risk—like-kind exchanges—empowers both businesses and individual property owners to roll over their capital into new investments that spur economic activity across the country. Click here to read


Taking 1031s off the table would have an “atomic-bomb” effect: market players 2/23/15

Federal tax reform could have disastrous effects on the city’s real estate market if it shakes things up too much, industry players said this morning at a panel organized by the Academy for Continuing Education, a residential brokerage school. Click here to read the article in entirety.


Hatch, Wyden Launch Bipartisan Finance Committee Tax Reform Working Groups 1/15/15

Today, Senator Orrin Hatch, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, announced the formation of five bipartisan Finance Committee Tax Working Groups to analyze current tax law and reform options within each group’s designated focus area. Each working group will be co-chaired by Republican and Democrat committee members. Click here to read the press release in entirety.


1031 Tax Reform – December Update – John Wunderlich, President IPX1031®


Multi-Association Letter to President Obama 12-16-14 Click here to read
Watch Dan Wagner’s, VP of Government Relations at The Inland Real Estate Group, video about “What Congress Should Know About Real Estate and Our Economy” at NAR’s Annual Conference.


FACTS & FIGURES: Section 1031 is on the Tax Reform Table WHAT DOES THAT MEAN AND WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT? Jim Miller, Western Operations Exchange Counsel, IPX1031® Click here to read

Senate Tax Reform Proposals: “Chilling Effect” on Real Estate Industry DLA Piper LLP, Bruce Thompson There has been a lot of talk about the need to reform our huge and complicated tax code. Like most things in life, the tax code is neither all good nor all bad. As much as we hate taxes, we like many of the things they pay for, such as public schools, highways and national parks…. Read More

A tax reform proposal released by the Senate Finance Committee would have a major impact on the real estate industry, according to comments submitted to the committee by a number of industry groups. If enacted in their current form, the group says, these proposals would threaten real estate activity and investment and have a negative impact on the US economy…. Read More

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