updated May 2020

The Tax Cut and Jobs Act was signed into law on December 22, 2017, and took effect on January 1, 2018. Read about the impact the Tax Cut and Jobs Act had on Sec. 1031 here.

Your Voice Matters. Stay Informed. Say NO to Congress.

Discussions to reform federal tax code are taking center stage. While the goal of the reform measures may be to make the tax code simpler and stimulate economic growth, the opposite will be the result.

With all recent proposals introduced, section 1031 is directly threatened. The current proposals will either completely eliminate or severely limit 1031 Exchanges. These proposals also significantly lengthen depreciation schedules for both personal property and real property assets and effectively raise the tax rate on recaptured depreciation for real estate, taxing it as ordinary income. Bottom line, the future of 1031 Exchanges or for those utilizing the power of tax deferral will be compromised.

IPX1031® has created an informational section in its website dedicated to Tax Reform to keep you informed with facts – the proposals, latest statistics and industry info, updates and FAQs. And IPX1031® provides you with a means to Say NO to Congress. Your congressional representative wants to hear from you. Send your Senators and Representative a quick email letter via IXP1031®. After entering your zip code, you will see your Senators and Representative. Customize a sample letter and hit the send button. It takes less than three minutes. Simple and fast.

Next Steps

  • Say NO to Congress. Send a quick email via IPX1031®.
  • From IPX1031®’s website, using social media buttons, share the Contact Congress page on Linked In, Facebook, Google +, Twitter, or via email.
  • Continue to utilize 1031 Exchanges as part of your investment strategy. It is unlikely that tax reform will be achieved in 2014. Take advantage of your tax benefits and keep our economy strong.
    Sign up for IPX1031®’s Tax Reform Update email list to keep current on the latest tax reform impact on section 1031. IPX1031® will send you monthly updates (or sooner if there is activity). Go here send an email to info@www.ipx1031.com with Tax Reform Update in the subject line.
  • Stay educated and informed. Go to our website on Tax Reform and read up.

IPX1031® says NO to current tax reform proposals. Join us.

For more information, visit:
1031 Tax Reform Updates
1031 Exchange FAQs 

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