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1031 Exchange Services through IPX1031

The best choice for your 1031.

As the nation’s largest 1031 Qualified Intermediary, IPX1031 provides industry leading Like Kind Exchange guidance, expertise and security.

Why Clients Choose IPX1031


Strategic tax deferral solutions nationwide


Expertise, solutions & strategies for all exchange structures including Simultaneous /Delayed, Construction /Improvement & Reverse 1031 Exchanges (also called Like Kind Exchanges, Starker Exchanges, Real Estate Exchanges and Tax Deferred Exchanges)


Regional attorneys and expert exchange sales and processing team


Timely document preparation


Segregated bank accounts


Industry leading secure accounting procedures

IPX1031® Essentials

IPX1031 focuses solely on 1031 Tax Deferred Like Kind Exchanges. As the national leader in 1031 Exchange services, IPX1031 has the financial assurances, security and expertise essentials to protect your funds and provide answers and guidance throughout the exchange process .

IPX1031® Fidelity National Financial
IPX1031® $100m

$100 Million Fidelity Bond

Protects the taxpayer in the unlikely event of a company failure; the bond is there to satisfy the financial obligations of the company.

IPX1031® $50m

$50 Million Written Performance Guaranty

Ensures the taxpayer exchange funds are returned in the amount of deposit.

IPX1031® $30m

$30 Million Errors & Omissions Insurance

Safeguards against employee negligence resulting in a loss to the taxpayer

Unparalleled Financial Strength

IPX1031’s parent company (FNF) is the most financially sound title company in the industry with more than $10.5 billion market capitalization.

Happy clients


“After speaking with several QIs, Doug is clearly the premiere choice for a 1031 Exchange. Within 2 minutes of conversation, one will realize his vast depth of understanding around both the products he offers and the the way that these products will minimize tax liability and maximize investment opportunity. Doug has experience, knowledge, likability and has proven to be incredibly prompt and available in all his communications. For 1031 Exchanges, look no further.”

Danny Kerns

Listings Specialist

Happy clients

“Whenever Doug is around, I always make a point of being there. Highly knowledgeable, but what Doug does best is to make things make sense, and from a business or transaction point of view. If you’re thinking a 1031, call Doug first.”

Tom Szczesniak

Listing Specialist at Ford Real Estate, Medford OR

Happy clients

“Doug came to our office to educate everyone on handling a 1031 exchange. Not only was he able to take something complex and make it simple, but he was able to communicate in a way that kept everyone engaged. By the end, everyone was so impressed that we all made sure we got his card! I look forward to using Doug as a resource for my clients, as well as myself in the future!”

Andrew Ornelas
Real Estate Broker

Why a 1031 is right for me or for my client


deferring taxes (up to 35 to 40% of the gain)


greater purchasing power


improved cash flow


portfolio diversification


portfolio consolidation


greater appreciation potential


freedom from joint ownership


estate planning for heirs

Let's talk about your specific 1031 needs

Customized solutions for your investment and business goals

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