Combination Exchanges

When a taxpayer intends to acquire multiple Replacement Properties, with some properties closing before the Relinquished Property sale and some properties closing after, both the Forward and Reverse Exchange structures can be combined to maximize the tax deferral.

Key Steps to Ensure a Successful Reverse Exchange

As the name implies, a 1031 Reverse Exchange is the opposite of a 1031 Delayed/Forward Exchange.  In a Reverse Exchange, new replacement property is acquired before the investor sells their old relinquished property.  While this structure is more complex than a...

Harnessing the Power of Reverse, Parking & Improvement Exchanges

Expanding the Reach of 1031s Is a 1031 Exchange in your future? Do you have an investment property to sell and are looking for a property to purchase? What would happen if you find the ideal replacement property before you can sell and close on your current property?...

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