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The Build to Suit Exchange

The build-to-suit exchange, also referred to as a construction or improvement exchange, gives the Exchanger the opportunity to use all or part of the exchange funds for construction, renovations or new improvements to the Replacement Property.

IPX1031® Expands Northwest Region with New Talent

Portland, OR – [September 22, 2016] – Investment Property Exchange Services, Inc. (IPX1031®) has strengthened its Pacific Northwest operation with new talent this month in a response to growth in the marketplace. In addition to enhancing its exchange coordination...

Key Steps to Ensure a Successful Reverse Exchange

As the name implies, a 1031 Reverse Exchange is the opposite of a 1031 Delayed/Forward Exchange.  In a Reverse Exchange, new replacement property is acquired before the investor sells their old relinquished property.  While this structure is more complex than a...

Kandas Myer, CES®

Kandas, IPX1031’s VP for Nevada, helps simplify the exchange process for clients, exceeds expectations and creates a smooth exchange experience.

Dabbling in 1031s Costs Title Company Small Fortune

It is always interesting to learn from other people’s mistakes. In the following circumstances both the company and the client gained valuable insight on what to do differently next time. Whenever a court case makes the headlines, we know we should sit up and pay...

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